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Contact Information for Customer Support

Phone: (United Kingdom ) +44 7000 267797, (Australia) +61 7 5555 5428
Fax: (United Kingdom) +44 131 625 8201, (Australia) +61 7 5574 3336

Support Options:

ACE*COMM Solutions provides maintenance and support for its Basil, JBill and ViewBill products through the Solutions Support Hot Lines. Customers may call the Hot Line between 8:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. (Local Time UK or Australia as appropriate), Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Twenty-four hour per day support is available as an option for urgent problems by prior agreement.

Product support services for ACE*COMM Solutions products include:

  • Resolution of problems associated with generic and custom application software, including assistance in isolating problems;
  • Improvements made available through new releases of the application software features that resolve problems or potential problems inherent in the software set.
  • Web access to Help Desk, Incident Report status.
  • Account Management
  • Installation of the new software release via remote access (dependent on product)
  • Documentation updates and improvements.

Quotes for technical support and information about ACE*COMM support services are available upon request. Send email to

You may contact our support department for additional assistance.

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