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ACE*COMM’s professional services team provides service provider and enterprise customers with the required expertise for software customization, systems integration, and the successful deployment of mission-critical business support systems.

Software Customization:

With over 3500 customer-site installations in more than 65 countries worldwide, we are a world leader in mediation for converged communications networks and enterprise telemanagement solutions. Our business and technical skills and in-depth industry knowledge allow us to develop and implement customized solutions based on a complete understanding of our customers' environments and business needs. Each customer is unique, and our professional services team will work with you to fully understand your business and develop the solution that is right for you. This includes:

  • Detailed 'gap' analysis
  • Development of comprehensive requirements and detailed design documents
  • Application coding and testing
  • Development of customized implementation plans

Systems Integration:

Enterprise telemanagement and commercial mediation systems frequently require sophisticated high-availability, multiprocessor servers, and redundant disk arrays connected to a complex network. Our systems integration experts can configure and install the system that you need to maintain your service-level requirements.

  • Our team can assist you with:
  • Planning and implementation
  • Installation and setup
  • On-site training and support


After selecting and purchasing an enterprise telemanagement or commercial mediation solution, many factors contribute to the success of its deployment.
Put our experts to work getting your system deployed and operating at peak efficiency as quickly as possible.

We can help you:

  • Analyze your business rules and develop operating procedures for the use of your new system.
  • Analyze, plan, and develop interfaces to existing applications, allowing your old and new systems to work together seamlessly.
  • Convert your current data and automatically load the new system database, thereby eliminating expensive and time-consuming manual entry.
  • Professionally train your staff to operate the new system effectively.



Purchasing a complex system and maintaining it in-house is not always the best solution for our customers. Outsourcing provides low-cost, no-capital network-management and information-management solutions for medium and large enterprises. By selecting the Enterprise Managed Services approach, you focus on your core competencies – caring for your customers and managing your business, while we focus on our core competencies – maintaining the software and processing your data.


We view enterprise telemanagement from the perspective of an Enterprise Operational Support System (EOSS) rather than as a modular system designed solely to assist in managing the telemanagement processes within the organization. The EOSS point of view sees the network and network information as a strategic asset, and the EOSS itself as one of many strategic information systems within the organization. By taking an enterprise-level view of the communications system, the EOSS approach allows organizations to realize significant value for its stakeholders through improved service offerings and optimized information flow – both internal and external to the organization. EOSS vendors deliver software that covers a complete set of telephony and communications management functions.

ACE*COMM provides complete access to the NetPlus® Enterprise Telemanagement System through its Enterprise Managed Services. This delivers all the benefits of a comprehensive telecommunications management system, with minimal up-front investment. A Web-based interface gives you 24x7 secure access to your data. ACE*COMM’s Enterprise Managed Services deliver high-value services in the following telemanagement areas:

  • Fault Management- NetPlus® provides a unified real-time view of all your telephony switches and network elements. It monitors their status and provides automatic notification of network faults. Through our Web interface, you can easily monitor and access all data and telephony devices regardless of geographical location from the convenience of your desktop.
  • Configuration Management - Effective and accurate change management is key to a successful system operation. Use our Web-based tools to help manage inventory, work orders and trouble tickets. We can even automatically update your PBX or switch through our Automatic Switch Interface (ASI).
  • Accounting Management - We will poll, rate and bill your network usage records. Users can access their bills with complete security via the Web. Through access to your data, you will reduce carrier overcharges through our Carrier Billing Verification tools.
  • Performance Management – Through comprehensive network traffic reports accessible via the Web, you will have the ability to balance loads and optimize trunk group and individual circuit utilization.
  • Security Management - Advanced layered security lets you control access by groups and/or individual, from the application level right down to the form and field level. The NetPlus® security system ensures that only approved personnel have access to sensitive data. NetPlus® provides the security scheme - the system administrator provides the information.

You make the determination on which functions and applications are needed for your environment and we will work with you to ensure you have complete access to those applications and your data via the Web. With the Managed Services approach, you will gain all the benefits of our NetPlus(R) EOSS solution while we manage the system administration, maintenance, and upgrades.


Our NetPlus® EOSS builds on ACE*COMM’s extensive experience with large private networks by providing an enterprise focused, scalable platform on which IT can build its communications network management functions. NetPlus® enables corporate IT departments to significantly save on the costs associated with providing service to corporate subscribers, and further provides the ability to convert IT from a cost center to a profit center.

  • Faster Implementation – Using time-tested implementation procedures and our technical expertise, your system will be quickly and efficiently installed according to your specifications.
  • Lower Start-up Costs – When selecting a Managed Services solution, there are no hardware or software purchases required, thereby significantly reducing your capital expenditures.
  • Predictable Monthly Costs – Maintaining complex software systems in-house involves significant and sometimes unexpected costs. By selecting our Managed Services solutions, you trade in the risk of ownership for a predictable, monthly payment.
  • More Effective Utilization of Scarce IT Resources – While we manage your hardware, software and data processing needs, your IT staff can focus on your critical business functions.
  • Scalability and Reliability – Your business can change and grow quickly. Our Managed Services solutions are designed to grow with you while minimizing the impact on your business operations.
  • Customizable Solutions – Our core solution is customizable because we understand that when it comes to processing and managing your usage data, one size does not fit all.


Training on our Managed Services solutions is made available to all our customers. These classes range from one-day executive overviews of the hosted applications to multi-day comprehensive application use and administration seminars. All training classes are customized and can be offered at ACE*COMM facilities, customer locations, or via Webcast.


We understand how important it is to have your solution up and running when you need it, and to have professional staff available to quickly and accurately answer questions and resolve problems as they arise. Three levels of support are currently offered, though custom options are also available. Please contact us at for more information.


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