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ACE*COMM is a global provider of advanced OSS, value-added services, and network business intelligence solutions for telecommunications service providers and enterprises. ACE*COMM’s tools extract value from all types of networks – value from asset recovery, revenue assurance, cost reduction, improved operational efficiency, acceleration of time-to-market for new services, and more effective customer care. ACE*COMM technology has been deployed for more than 300 customers, spanning over 4000 installations in 70 countries worldwide.

New Value-Added Services, Including Parent Patrol®
Our sale of Parent Patrol® to a Tier 1 customer marks a breakthrough achievement for ACE*COMM. It is a positive indicator of the market potential for dynamic, value-added service applications. We were selected not only because we have the best solution on the market, but because we were able to promise a rapid rollout to meet our customer’s time-to-market demands. Our optimism for building a substantial business from a suite of applications like Parent Patrol® is further supported by our ongoing discussions with a broad spectrum of other North American and European mobile service providers, and our growing pipeline.

Network Business Intelligence™ (NBI) Product Suite
Our NBI won the 2006 “Best Customer Success” award from TeleStrategies, the publisher of Billing World & OSS Today magazine. We believe there is no higher acknowledgement in the industry than to be recognized for excellence at the customer deployment level. Recognition from Billing World OSS Today is evidence of our leadership in the telecommunications business intelligence markets. Our customers around the world are using NBI solutions to identify and develop targeted services for their customers, gain a better understanding of back-office processes that affect the customer experience, and measure the overall effectiveness of their marketing and sales efforts.

NV2 – Our New Hyperconvergent Mediation Platform
NV2 is the industry’s first hyperconvergent mediation platform. Service providers want to take advantage of new network technologies without sacrificing existing OSS infrastructure. They want to tap into new services like MMS, phone-based gaming, IPTV, and VoIP to increase revenues, expand market share, and increase customer loyalty while still extracting returns on their existing network investments. NV2 extends the convergence of network mediation to operate in a world of converging service offerings and markets.

NetPlus® Enterprise OSS/TMS for Private Networks & Enterprises
ACE*COMM’s NetPlus® EOSS manages enterprise communications as an integral part of the business. It is a sophisticated platform that measures usage, maps transactions to business processes, reduces telecom costs, and enhances functions such as troubleshooting and capacity planning.

The Evolution of ACE*COMM – Our Strength is our Experience

ACE*COMM launches the industry's first 'hyperconvergent' mediation platform, and deploys this successfully for a major South American wireless operator in a record 7 days!

ACE*COMM launches the first of its new suite of value-added services - Parent Patrol®. By 2006, the company is acknowledged as a leader in the mobile parental controls market by industry analysts.

ACE*COMM leads the industry in defining a new OSS function – Network Business Intelligence™ - a comprehensive approach to creating shareholder value in telecoms.

Early 2000
ACE*COMM leads the industry in advanced enterprise and service provider OSS solutions for wired and wireless voice, data, and Internet communications environments.

ACE*COMM pioneers the capture of usage data from an IP-based network that does VoIP into a standard billing and fraud system, enabling standard OSS platforms to process VoIP usage data.

ACE*COMM pioneers the merging of usage data from packet-switched networks into an existing billing system data stream, allowing service providers to bill for ATM usage data with the same billing system they use for circuit-switched voice data.

ACE*COMM pioneers the creation of an environment for usage-sensitive billing in data (packet-switched) networks.

ACE*COMM expands into the public carrier sector, driven by increasing demands on corporate OSS and a growing need for real-time data collection.

1984 – early 1990s
ACE*COMM expands data collection capabilities, and develops data-warehousing systems and business performance management software.

Early 1980s
ACE*COMM organizes product development into two groups: one targeting public network carriers and one targeting enterprise networks.

ACE*COMM is incorporated as a service bureau for small, independent telephone companies and becomes a provider of custom data-processing software for telcos, state governments, universities, and the U.S. military. The company begins developing products for the deregulating telecom industry.

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